Hotel with Shuttle Service

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If your plans have you flying into and out of Gatwick, one of the world's busiest airports, staying overnight in an airport hotel makes sense, especially if you have an early morning flight. There are literally dozens of gatwick hotels from which to choose, several of them literally within walking distance of the terminals. These range from affordable bed and breakfast places to luxurious five star establishments offering all the amenities and extras you might possibly need. Booking an airport hotel is no different than booking one anywhere else; room cost is probably your most important factor, although if staying near to the airport you may want to look at overall convenience too, including check in and out hours and whether there is a restaurant on the site. And some hotels that are really close to Gatwick have sound proof rooms, which you may really need.

Shuttle Bus Service

There are also many Gatwick hotels with shuttle bus service, and this is one of the most useful features you can look for. Gatwick covers a huge area, and a hotel at the airport may actually turn out to be several miles away, making transportation to and from your flight a must. Most hotels offer 24 hour shuttle service; if the shuttle doesn't run 24 hours, make sure it operates at times that work for your flights. And it isn't just the larger or more expensive Gatwick hotels that offer a shuttle service; even the smaller bed and breakfasts and family run hotels recognize how important this is, and offer guests this feature.

Advantages of Shuttle Service

Knowing that you have a ride to and from the airport is one less thing to do, and it can take much of the stress out of travelling. Having free shuttle service means that you don't have to book and pay for a taxi, which is often expensive and not always reliable. A shuttle between your hotel and the terminal means that you can park at your hotel, saving money on airport parking and also eliminating the need to navigate the huge and often confusing maze of car parks around the airport. If you are travelling with small children, a family member that needs help walking, or a lot of luggage, having a shuttle drop you off right outside the terminal and pick you up on your return is an obvious advantage.